Work characteristic assessment

Management, Communication, System, Information

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Selection of employees

executive search - headhunting

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Education of employees

due to needs of client, identification and valuation of effectiveness

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Personal audit and valuation of the employee performance

talent management, best placement

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ACG consulting s.r.o.

is personal- consulting company providing complex solutions in the area of human resources management

In the early years, the company focused on assessment of staff and valuation of the performance using work characteristic assessment. The company tried to apply the positive feedback also in the area of recruiting and staff education. The development of the labor market has supported the expansion of the team. The activity, which was oriented mostly in Košice and Prešov region, has gradually extended over the whole territory of Slovakia. The company sees high added value with positions for middle and senior management. The reason is sophisticated selection that is realized by executive search (headhunting) by using work characteristic assessment. The team of consultants and lecturers can flexibly respond to the changing labor market and search for over- standard solutions for clients. We build a relationship with a client, as well as with a candidate based on transparency, open communication, mutual trust and respect.

What we do?

  • 1 Work characteristic assessment

    Work characteristic assessment is based on the valuation and individual personal development of an employee. Personal characteristics, communication with supervisors and subordinates, management competencies, independent in task execution, creativity and loyalty are mainly assessed.

  • 2 Selection of employees

    Based on many years´ of experiences in this area, we can comprehensively and competently assess work potential of candidates for the work position and optimize decisions of our clients. Within selection of employees, we offer an objective view of the candidate abilities in relation to thework position to be filled.

  • 3 Education of employees

    Education of employees is based on identified key development areas of an employee. It is focused on areas that call for adoption of new approaches when performing work or for acquisition of a new competencies. The result of the analysis is an individual educational plan of employee that saves costs in comparision with education of a group. Veryfying the effectiveness and the quality of a lecturer is a part of this modul as well.

  • 4 Personal audit

    The aim of personal audit is an independent and objective assessment of the situation in the company. Organizational structure, duplicitaion of work activities, work efficiency, communication, management and synergy within company are assessed. Strengths sides and potential weaknesses of an employee are identified and analyzed, as well as a working team at the same time. The result is a formulation of recommendations that is followed by implementation of measures that lead to optimalization of assessed company processes.

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